Youth Apprenticeship: A Pathway to Earn & Learn

Youth internship is a work related curriculum for students. They usually contain key elements of the standard training model, including paid work experience and related technical instructions. If you are searching for apprenticeship, just type the query “apprenticeships near me” and you will find best results.

Apprenticeships for young people vary widely and can include elements of registered apprenticeship, unregistered apprenticeship and preparatory programs. Partners from various industries are often involved in the design and implementation of youth training.

Organizations that can participate include employers, non-profit organizations, secondary schools, and post-secondary institutions that can offer participants double the registration opportunities.

Youth internships offer students the opportunity to experience and acquire skills in a real work environment. At the same time, they give companies the opportunity to inspire and develop a new generation of talent.

Principles for high quality youth education

Career-oriented: This training is organized according to the knowledge, skills and competencies that lead to a family-based career.

Fair: Learning is available for each student with targeted support for those affected by long-term inequality in our education system and in the labor market.

Transferable: This training leads to additional certificates and transferable credits for universities, which expand possibilities for students.

Adaptable: Training must be recognized and evaluated together in one branch or industry.

Accountability: Student, employer and program results are monitored using transparent indicators to support improvement.