Your Guide to Adopting a Dog for the First Time

Have you heard of the phrase "Adopt Don't Buy?" It's an ongoing national campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of adopting instead of buying at a pet shop. If adopting a dog from a shelter, you adopt a pet at a rescue, you're saving the life of an animal that wouldn't have a place to call home and allowing new animals to be saved. 

The average is 90% of puppies bought from pet stores are born in puppy mills and adopting from a shelter will take them off the business from these brutal breeding facilities. If you are looking for the adoption for a dog for the first time, then visit

In addition to saving animals that could otherwise be destroyed, there are three good reasons to consider adopting:

Adoption is cost-effective

Adopting a dog can be cheaper than purchasing an entirely new pet. Many rescue dogs have received at least one dose of vaccinations and are neutered or spayed, so you don't have to worry about the vet bill.

There are shelters that offer no-cost adoption days and fees on new dog owners will be eliminated in the effort to increase space in the shelter. Even better than the cheaper cost to adopt versus purchasing the dog, you'll be able to relax knowing that the adoption fee goes to help save and provide help to other animals in the shelter.

You can find a dog that is a good fit for your family.

If you choose to adopt from a rescue it is also possible to get more details about the animal's appearance and personality than you'd get from buying one from a pet shop. The rescue organizations can analyze the behavior of the dog and you'll be able to identify your family's needs for the dog that is perfect for you. Find out about the dog's activities degree, and how he interacts in the presence of children. Also, ask whether the dog is able to get good with other animals as well as strangers.

Adopting a dog rather than purchasing a puppy will provide you with an idea of what the dog is likely to be like as an adult as a lot of the dogs up for adoption are already developed. Inform the shelter about what you're looking for in a dog and ask lots of questions and they'll assist you in finding the ideal companion for your home.

Adopt a Dog That's trained

Do you not have the time to help a new puppy learn? An adoption agency will help you find an animal that is already house-trained and has the basics of commands.