Who Needs Cosmetologist Insurance?

Cosmetology insurance is required to specific risks you face in this industry such as facial treatment went wrong or treatment of hair color went wrong. With liability insurance for estheticians and cosmetologists, you can protect yourself against claims of emotional distress clients, personal injury, and property damage.

If the allegations are based on evidence or not, these types of claims can put a lot of stress and burden on cosmetologists and beauticians. You find many companies like Ppib corp which specializes in the protection of a wide range of permanent cosmetics and microblading insurance and understands the hazards in this industry.

cosmetology insurance

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When is it important to have professional liability insurance as a cosmetologist or esthetician? The short answer is as long as there is a risk of litigation – which is always.

Examples of when the insurance would include cosmetologist at hand the following scenarios:

1. Emotional distress: A hairdresser is dyeing the hair of a customer and leaves treatment too long, causing burns to the scalp and hair damage itself. The customer claims for emotional distress, personal injury, burns, and lost wages because she could not return to practice for many weeks. professional liability insurance could protect hairstylists if such a claim.

2. Loss of Personal Information: By mistake, a cosmetologist files a file with strays sensitive customer information. It was an accident, of course, but the information is still compromised, and customer Sues for mishandling personal information. professional liability insurance can protect against cosmetologists' identifiable personal information claims and appoint a lawyer to defend them if necessary.