People love concentrates for the sole reason of having a higher-THC content and terpene profile. Concentrate, depending on its use, has a smoother and more flavorful hit. They are also relatively safer for you because there are fewer carcinogens than burning flowers. The intensity of a dab or concentrate is powerful, though, so be responsible around machinery and don’t drive.


Just as there are variants of cannabis, there are variants of concentrates too. Concentrates vary in their consistency and texture, which makes their purpose different too.


Shatter refers to the glasslike consistency as it falls apart. It is also one of the purest forms of cannabis and is quite popular. You can also buy shatter online via https://bhang-bhang.store/shop/concentrates/shatter/.

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Wax is a bright yellow nectar-type of concentrate. It usually needs to be handled with a dab tool after melting it with a torch. People love wax as a way to infuse a joint or drizzle over the top of some flower. It is honey-like in texture as well. Gooey wax is moisture-rich and also called budder. If it’s brittle, then it is called crumble.


Rosin, unlike the other concentrates, is solventless and made with heat and pressure. Golden and sappy, rosin lovers rave about it due to its higher terpene levels.


Tastier due to more terpenes and smoother, cannabis oil is found in a lot of vape cartridges. Vaping is a vastly popular way to have cannabis, and the oil is what is heated and inhaled. Oil is also used to make cannabutter or other edibles.