What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services allow organizations to outsource IT tasks as contracted or subscription services to a vendor. These services can be used by organizations to reduce workload, augment teams that cannot meet IT demand, and replace existing teams.

MSPs are useful in ensuring IT tasks are covered 24/7/365. They can also provide expertise or specialized knowledge that is not normally available. The right managed IT service provider in Raleigh can provide many benefits for organizations. These benefits include:

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Contractual terms

Managed services allow you to establish contractual terms for IT tasks, including service level agreements. You don't need to spend your time hiring or training IT staff. This allows you to only pay for the services or coverage you require and eliminates the associated costs of maintaining full-time employees.


Managed services can help your team focus on revenue-generating tasks by outsourcing IT tasks. They can often offer guidance and recommendations to optimize your infrastructure's performance. This can result in increased productivity and a better return on investment.

Management of uptime better

Managed IT service providers don't have to follow the same work schedules as employees. Providers are often able perform system maintenance and updates during non-work hours. Flexible schedules allow MSPs to work around yours, which results in greater uptime and less disruptions to workflow.