Warning Signs That Remind You To Take An Eye Test

There are many indications that indicate you require prescription glasses. Below are a few of the common vision problems that are encountered by many people.


Sometimes referred to as short-sightedness, it is the case when objects close to you are clear, however, the objects are further away from the blur. This could cause difficulty in recognizing the road's signs and dangers from an extended distance. 

You can also buy an AI-Optic eye health screening device to check your vision.

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Also known as "long-sightedness," this happens when objects that are distant appear clear while those close by aren't. Other signs include difficulty in concentrating and headaches. The mild cases don't have to wear prescription lenses.


It isn't a sign of a condition, but rather an indication of an unusually shaped cornea. A majority of people have some astigmatism. If it doesn't cause constant headaches, you don't require glasses to correct your vision.

Other issues to be on the lookout for:

Dry eyes:

If you're feeling like there's something wrong with your eye, that it's burning, itchy or watery, you could be experiencing dryness. Avoid scratching your eyes. Try blinking more often, drinking plenty of fluids, and avoiding the computer screen at least every 45 mins.


It is a normal result of aging in most people. It alters your vision because it clouds lenses. It becomes worse over time and can blur your vision. The colors may appear yellowish or shadows can appear when your eyes move. Consult a doctor to be certain.

It is also advisable to take a proactive approach and have your eyes examined at least every six months for security precautions.