Types of Bolts Used in House Bolting

House bolting is also called foundation bolting, anchor bolting, or seismic retrofitting. The purpose of house bolting is to make the structure safer and prevent damage during an earthquake.  There are mainly two types of bolts commonly used in house bolting system; epoxy foundation bolts and expansion foundation bolts.

Besides in older homes, epoxy-set foundation bolt will be the best option. Because older homes tend to have weaker concrete and epoxy bolts are longer than expansion bolts, which means they must be inserted deeper into the concrete. The deeper insertion improves the bolt’s performance.

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Similarly, expansion foundation bolts are best used with foundation concrete that is in good shape, such as concrete in a new home or a new foundation in an older home. This is because the bolt requires “strong concrete” to be effective. The bolts can be used as long as they don’t crack the concrete.

Simultaneously, anchor bolts need to be installed with square plate washers. The washers create a sturdier and more secure connection to the foundation. Before square plate washers came into use, the bolts were secured with round washers. However, round washers did not have enough holding strength.

Sometimes other types of anchors may be necessary, depending on whether or not the home has cripple walls. Homes can also have a combination of cripple walls and the places where the floor rests on the foundation.

Thus, bolt connectors are more essential for house bolting system but there are also other types of bolts are available, they all have their own importance and used in different purposes.