The Current US Economy And The Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services industry is brave, hard-driven these days. Our safety net of health for every socioeconomic class. When the normal entry points into the healthcare system failed to catch the disease process or when the unthinkable happens, call 911 ambulance is the best option for most people.  You can get more information about emergency medical services online at

Even those who really need us and we can not access most of the dead. Those who do we access into the fastest-acute care setting and highly skilled available today. We caught the insured who can not manage their chronic conditions through primary care. 

We caught the immediate trauma patients injured from falls and car accidents. We caught the tired and huddled masses with no one else to turn to. We capture the rich who think that 911 is the most direct route to care in the hospital. 

medical services

We treat the homeless in their box at the curb. We treat athletes who injure themselves in the field. We treat small business owners who are not insured so scared to go to the doctor for fear the bill that they waited too long and their lives are in danger. We treat the naked drunks sipping tequila straight from the bottle while urinating into their shoes. 

"Emergency Medical Services" or "EMS" system is a complex organization consisting of several players from various disciplines. In almost every community in the United States ambulance just one phone call. 

Almost everyone has access to the 911 system and nearly everyone knows who the first person they would like to see on their side when the unthinkable happened. Nothing gives us to think for a moment until then though, and that may prove deadly as our country's economic woes drag on.