A Few Challenges Facing Canadian Immigrants

Are you thinking about your new life in Canada? You are not alone. Nearly one million people officially moved to Canada in 2004 alone, and hundreds of thousands more are in the process of applying. Canada is one of the western countries where the majority of immigrants are accepted into the US. Immigrants are attracted to a high standard of living as a result of low crime rates and a stable economy. What are you most likely to expect when you arrive in Canada?

Seventy percent of all new immigrants to Canada say they don't have any problems. Many of them already have friends and family in Canada to assimilate. If not, there are many immigration advocacy groups to help with the transition of new arrivals. Most new arrivals find work in less than a year. This can be done in almost all fields and sectors of the economy. You can also visit Canadian Immigration Services to get help in getting a better life and work in Canada.

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It was also reported that most of the migrants, nearly 90 percent, had a tendency to reunite with their own ethnic group. Because Canada is a multiethnic society, as is the United States, newcomers quickly find established compatriots of their own. Many have also overcome cultural divisions and made new friends between other ethnic groups.


English and French are the main languages in Canada. French is very dominant in some countries such as Quebec. While immigrants from French-speaking countries such as some West African countries may have no problems, English-speaking migrants may have no problems. A person can enroll in English or French classes before fully integrating with the Canadian workforce.