Lock Repair and Other Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

When you have concerns about the safety of your home, there are many things you can do to help deter theft and break-ins. Follow these tips to protect your house and your family from unwanted intruders.

Check Your Locks

All doors leading to the outside of your house should have a deadbolt on them and locks that work without a lot of force. If your doors are loose or don't lock securely, consider lock repair to make them snug.

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Lock Repairs 2

Secure Your Garage

If your garage doors have windows, cover them with a tarp, garbage bag, or other protective material so people cannot see what's inside. Change your automatic door keypad code with frequency. If your garage has an interior door, have a deadbolt installed and perform lock repair to make sure it can keep people out. If you are leaving town for a weekend or longer, use a padlock to safely shut your garage to make it harder for thieves to enter.

Let There Be Light

You should have a motion-sensor floodlight installed either above your front door or above your garage. Burglars are more likely to scurry from your residence if they are put on display by a bright spotlight when they walk by. Make sure your doors are locked at all times and have lock repair done on exterior doors that provide easy entry for intruders.

Hide Your Garbage

Would-be thieves love to snoop through garbage, and they're not looking for cans. Hide your trash in your house or in your garage so you don't attract people looking for discarded mail, credit card offers, and other personal information that could compromise your identity.

Protect Your Vehicle

Even if you live in an area where burglary is uncommon, always make sure your vehicle is in a safe location. Put it in an enclosed garage, and never leave items such as wallets, purses, or checkbooks on the seats, even if your car is secure. Also, make sure your car is locked at all times as thieves love to rustle through unlocked vehicles for personal information and belongings.