Chromakey Backdrop – Guideline for Green Screen Photography

Using Chromakey green screen Backdrop in the background of the studio when a particular program shot turned into a common method used in the production of television programs.

It is part of the new technology. The chromakey background related to the elimination of certain image in the background of the shot and replace it with some other image, which is more acceptable to the program.

Image Source: Google

A green screen is very helpful for background purposes chromakey green component of the skin because ordinary people have in it. It helps in replacing the background without interfering with the general view of the broadcaster who stood in front of a green screen. Each green color in human skin or other parts of the body (even with clothes) they will become invisible.

Using green screen has one other major advantage, it is quite simple to execute and cost effective. Without that background chromakey technique, the studio must have a large number of plasma or HDTV screen behind any broadcaster. 

You can effect is remarkable, but the cost would be far greater than the use of a green screen. It does not make sense that in these days of recession, where the cost is the key to good management, use fewer expensive option.