Different Types of Dentures

Dentures are an integral part of life for many people and are needed for a variety of reasons. Every person will require them at various stages of their lives, however in general, people who are older are the most frequent patients of dentures. You can also visit https://cranbrookdentist.ca/dentures.html to look for the Cranbrook denture clinic.

What Are The Benefits of Our In-House 3D Dentures?

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Before you choose which type of dentures is most suitable for you, be aware of the options that are at your disposal. The three types of dentures are fully referred to by the names of "standard dentures", "immediate dentures" and "implant retained dentures."

Standard dentures– are the dentures made for people who have lost all their teeth, usually require a minimum of four appointments in order for the entire manufacturing process.

Dentures that are immediately often referred to as temporary dentures are created prior to the tooth's natural teeth being taken out. After the tooth has been extracted the denture that has been made is placed directly on the socket of the tooth. A majority of people have a different kind of denture installed within a year after receiving immediate dentures.

Implant Retained Dentures are beneficial in ensuring stability and a greater chewing force. Implant anchors are put by a dentist in the jaw.