Live Video Streaming Services: An Ever-Expanding World

I am not ashamed to admit that I have spent a lot of time watching live streaming video coverage via my live video streaming service.

I was glued to my computer for at least three hours per day during the Olympic games. This included watching the hockey, curling, and skiing action. These highlights do not include the videos I watched on the websites. You can also go to this site to know more about live video streaming services.

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You can stream your favorite bands live from your living room, and without spending much.

The Grammy Awards live coverage on in February was one of my favorite live video events. For the first time, you could view live coverage on the website of the announcements in the 80+ categories. 

These awards receive coverage on live television. Although it might seem strange to see the Best Engineered Album winners being announced, I found it quite interesting. It's also interesting to see artists I like win Grammy Awards since most of the major categories are won by artists I don't listen to or loathe.

Live TV is becoming more common than cable TV in most American homes. Networks have started to invest as much time and effort in online Live streaming as they do on television broadcasts. CBS has made every NCAA basketball tournament game available online for fans to watch from home or work. This strategy seems to be working, as studies show that American businesses suffer a drop in productivity of nearly half during tournament days.