Physics Help – Simple Steps to Improve Test Score

Here's the secret: Information relevant to solving a problem will likely earn you more points than a blank page. Below is a brief description of how to organize your answers so that you get more points:-

Be clear about the question you want answered. Yes, it may seem silly at first, but as you develop your problem-solving skills over the years, it will help you become more effective. You will truly acknowledge the problem and you won't have to read the original text again to double-check what it takes for your work to be fully appreciated. You can also get the best maths and physics tutoring service in Sydney at Tutor Lim.

10 Tried-and-Tested Ways to Improve your Physics Results

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List of information provided. When you know the nature of the problem, write it down. When you get the numeric and unit values, write them down. If there are some physical values you know you will need, write them down. Basically, you create a section that summarizes the information you'll need later.

Draw diagrams. Diagrams are very important for understanding the problem. Physical instructions for your variable(s). Scale is important. The appearance of the angle and the variables associated with the angle are important. A well-drawn and highlighted diagram says a lot about your understanding of the problem. As you move from linear motion to electricity and waves and beyond, these skills are invaluable in communicating your efforts at solutions.

List of matching equations. List of equations in long form, without numeric substitution. Here you show that an equation is needed to solve this problem. Let them know before troubleshooting or making mistakes. In general, you will need the same number of equations as there are unknowns in the problem.