Complete Guide For Crane Trucks And Hiab Trucks

When it comes to haulage requirements, Crane trucks and Hiab trucks have always been in demand because of their flexibility and ease of operation. The greatest advantage of crane trucks over traditional crane and truck systems is the ability to save money by eliminating manual labor and crane operators.

It also saves time which is a valuable commodity in the transportation industry. It is not ideal for a transportation company to take more than 12 hours when they could do it in a day. However, crane trucks and Hiab transport service may be the most preferred means of transporting heavy machinery or any other material.

hiab transport service

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To get the best result, it is important to hire the right crane trucks or Hiab trucks.

Crane Trucks

It's the best medium to transport cargo from one place to another. Crane trucks can transport cargo up to 7-30 meters long and trays up to 6-25 meters in length, as the name implies. This makes loading multiple items much more efficient. If you need to transport multiple items over long distances, crane trucks are the ideal haulage vehicle.

Rigid Hiab truck

A rigid Hiab truck can be described as a vehicle that consists of a truck and trailer plus a crane mounted on a lorry in one wooden structure. A Rigid Hiab truck has the advantage of being compact and can fit in tight spaces where a trailer or truck would be too big. To carry additional weight, an extra trailer can be attached to the Rigid Hiab truck.