Characteristics of Time Attendance System

Time attendance applications play a significant part in the HR system or department now, taking the business towards successful HR practices and excellence. Accurate recording and observation of a worker's presence are essential for successful decision making in each company. 

The earlier used methods like registers for recording attendance were too time-taking and also, they came with specific drawbacks that gradually made them obsolete in the age of advanced technology. 

Now, HR managers can keep track of the clock in and clock out the time of a worker directly on their computers using an innovative program. You can simply checkout to gather more info on time attendance systems.


With this innovative technology system, attendance information is attained that guarantees both cost-effectiveness and precision. 

The majority of the systems are made to be parameterized and provide flexibility to acquire safety and accessibility. Standard attendance reports may be accessed right on the system, with extreme ability to supply ad-hoc reports through an integrated report writer.

Key Characteristics of time attendance system:

  1. Late attendance marking facility.
  2. Automatic control of workers’ wages based on the number of leaves taken.
  3. Leavetaking facility.
  4. Holiday details and leave entitlement.
  5. Employee details and calendar.
  6. Department details.
  7. Information about shifts.
  8. Timely attendance reports.
  9. Attendance marking based on photographs and other biometric authentication conditions.