Finding the Right Cold Sore Treatment Option

Cold sores can happen to anyone, but what if you don't find the right treatment? What happens if the disease is not treated? We will explore possible treatment options and provide natural remedies that can be used to treat the disease. Cold sores can be transmitted from birth, even through your genes. 

Many people don't realize that their parents may be carriers of the herpes virus. If you do get the disease, know that your parents may have it. It takes around 14 days for a cold sore to heal. If you don't want to treat the disease, keep this in mind. You can even order medicines to treat cold sore treatment via

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A great way to reduce the time it takes for your disease to heal is to drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated. You can also drink fruit juice, but water is not the only option. Teabags are another wonderful treatment that can help reduce swelling and inflammation. It is possible to stop the virus from spreading by placing a tea bag on the sore.

Witch Hazel, another herb that can be used to treat the disease, is also a great option. It reduces inflammation. Witch hazel has been widely used in North America where it is grown. It can be used to treat many illnesses. Aloe vera gel is the last option we will discuss. Although this gel is effective for treating sunburns, it can also be used to heal cold sores.