Cupie And Extension Prep Stunts

Incorporating cheerleading moves in your routine, be sure that you begin with a simple plan and then practice the stunts in a comfortable, cushioned space before trying them on concrete. The most frequently performed stunts include the cupie as well as the extension preparation. You can take stunt training classes via

To perform the cupie stunt, the performer puts their right foot in the hands of the base. The flyer then jumps. she puts her left foot directly in the hands of the base. The base pushes her forward into an overhead extension, bringing the feet of the flyer. The base in front holds the ankles of the flyer to assist while they're high in the air.

For the start of the extension preparation act, The two bases will be facing one another around 15 inches apart, with the person performing the stunt in the middle of the base's shoulders, and the spotter in front of the flyer. When the routine the bases lower their knees and then extend their hands up toward the audience. The flyer's hands are placed on the shoulder of the base and the spotter holds her waist.

The flyer leaps into bases ' hands while her arms are in a locked position. Straight backs and straight shoulders, bases step up using their leg strength and speed to pull the player up with them. The bases first bring their hands to level with their collarbones. Then, they rotate their hands to be toward the feet of the flyer. The flyer is pushed off of the base's shoulders by locking her legs and then slowly rising. If the spotter cannot more hold the waist of the flyer the flyer grabs her ankles to support themselves.