How to Choose Glass Ware for the Home Bar

Whether you're setting up a complete home bar or simply want to stock your shelves for a party, selecting glassware for the home can quickly become more complex than you expect.

There are dozens of different cocktail styles out there, and it can be difficult to determine which ones are essential for entertaining, and which styles are out of fashion and superfluous. Choosing the right glassware is often essential to mixing and serving cocktails correctly, and you don't want to embarrass your guests by serving them a margarita in a high ball glass!

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When choosing glassware for your home bar you should limit your selections to suit the cocktails and other beverages you and your guests enjoy drinking, rather than attempting to fill your cupboards with a full catalog of bar accessories. Once you have an idea of the kind of parties and cocktail nights you want to host with your home bar, choosing the right bar accessories can be lots of fun.

If you are a wine connoisseur, you will probably already have a good idea of how to match glassware to different wines, whether red, white, soft, dark, or fruity. To get started with your home bar collection, you should choose a variety of basic pieces in a simple style. Choose some with deep bowls for red wine and others with narrow fluted shapes for champagne toasts. You can complement your wine glassware with tall tumblers for simple and versatile cocktails.

Although at first your choices may seem limited to plain and transparent when it comes to colors and styles, with a little further searching you will find an array of tinted and brightly hued cocktail ware.

Etched and intricately cut pieces are even more popular. Choosing between these loud and daring pieces and the more elegant and plain options can be difficult as the latter is definitely more versatile, but the former can pack a stylish punch to any party or gathering.