Learning About Sports Physical Therapy

A specific type of sports physical therapy is designed to help athletes recover from injuries. While it retains the main principles of all forms of physical therapy, the specific exercises and techniques used in sports therapy allow an athlete to return to the sport they loved before their injury or surgery.

An injury can result in a severely restricted range of motion for an athlete's joints and muscles. A physical therapist can help you recover your strength, flexibility, mobility, and ability in sports rehabilitation. You can also browse online resources to find more information about sports physical therapy.

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Many people ask when it is best to see a sports therapist. The best time to visit a sports therapist is when you feel unusual pain or discomfort that doesn’t go away. Sports rehabilitation is easier and faster if you get started as soon as possible. 

This is true for post-surgical rehabilitation. It is recommended that you see a physical therapist immediately after surgery. A physical therapist is an expert in surgical procedures and can help you create a plan for your recovery based on what type of surgery was performed.

Physical therapists are one of the few doctors that can prescribe hard work and not miracle cures. There are some aspects of sports rehab that can cause pain and soreness. To rebuild strength, sports therapy targets the injured areas.