Is Essential Oil Good for Skin

It is well known that essential oils have an impact on our emotions and mental state of being. For the most part, that is what essential oils are intended to do. Plants, shrubs, grasses, trees, roots and resins that are harvested for the production of essential oils have their own vital energy. It is this energy that passes through our bodies that create the desired emotional state changes.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, accounting for approximately 15% of our total body weight. Therefore, it is important that we treat our skin with the utmost care, giving our skin its attention, it deserves and a bit of pampering along the way. Benefits of the pure essential oil for aromatherapy is that it protect from sunburn and also  help improve the tone of mature skin.

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There are most popular essential oils and how they can be used to treat the skin in several ways. It is important to remember that most essential oils should be diluted in water or a carrier oil before applying to the skin.

In addition, some oils are especially citrus oils phototoxic, ie, the chemical compound of the essential oil can become toxic when exposed to light; therefore, avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible after the application of skin oils.