What Exactly Are Sister-Locks?

Sister-locks are small, versatile dreadlocks created through an interlocking technique. Interlocking is a dreadlocking technique that involves using a unique gadget or tool to make the locks rather than strand twisting or palm rolling. 

Sister-locks are typically applied by experienced technicians who create the locks from the ends to the roots of your hair. As a result, because there is less pulling, damage to your hair follicle is reduced.

If you prefer the loose hair look to traditional locks, they almost look like it. They require only minor maintenance, as retightening is required every six weeks. This style is stunning, and many people prefer it because of its versatility.If you want the perfect sisterlocks you can get it via lawrencevillegahairsalon.com/.

Sisterlocks Journey The Locplace

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Where did sistelocks come from?

Dr. JoAnne Cornwell invented sisterlocks in 1993. Her motivation was to develop a method for black women to style their hair without the use of extensions or chemicals. Despite the fact that it was invented in 1993, more than two decades ago, this hairstyle is still one of the most popular hairstyles for natural hair.

Dr. JoAnne Cornwell also invented the Brotherlocks hairstyle for men. Brotherlocks are slightly larger than Sisterlocks but significantly smaller than traditional locks.

How do Sisterlocks get installed? 

You will need to visit a trained and certified associate for the official Sisterlocks installation. Sisterlocks are installed using smaller sections of your hair and a special tool, as opposed to traditional locks, which are made by rolling large amounts of hair with the palm.

Sisterlocks are a distinct yet fashionable natural hairstyle. Sisterlocks require a significant financial investment, so it is critical that you conduct thorough research and obtain all of the information about them before having them installed.

Sisterlock installation is quite costly, and it also necessitates maintenance and retightening. Retightening Sisterlocks is the process of incorporating new hair growth at the roots into pre-existing Sisterlocks. Retightening is required every 4-8 weeks, depending on the rate of hair growth.