What Are Plantation Shutters & Why Should You Use Them?

When deciding whether to use curtains or blinds in your home, it is very unlikely that you will consider a plantation shutter. 

You are unlikely to know what plantation shutter is, although you will see it in action. You can also purchase the best plantation shutters online in Melbourne through various online sources.

Let's examine what they are first, then you will find that they are a viable option for your home.

Plantation shutters are traditionally built of timber and are interior shutters made of full slats arranged in a sturdy frame and fixed to the window. Although usually made of wood, they can also be made from plastics, light metals, and other composite materials.

They can be painted or coated depending on the construction and are more environmentally friendly than using wood.

The plantation shutter design allows the blade to be adjusted to control airflow and light. This is particularly beneficial in warm climates where the airflow holds the place cool while the grille also preserves temperature and light.

Plantation shutters, also known as covers and shutters, can be individually shaped and sized to fit almost any window or door. 

While your home most likely has glass windows and therefore doesn't require such practicality, the versatility and design of a plantation shutter make it ideal for creating functionality and enhancing the décor of any space you choose and of course still helping to protect light whenever you want.

Choosing a plantation shutter for your blinds gives you the option to paint or varnish them to make them more attractive.