The Rotary Screw Compressors – Operation

Screw compressors offer a plethora of advantages that other types of compressors, including piston-type compressors are not. If you want to get more information about the air compressors, visit

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Rotary screw compressor operation

A rotary screw compressor has two rotors that can push air through it. The pressure then created. Air compression is achieved and created by the main rotor and the secondary synchronize. And mesh with one another within the housing bore double and a single-piece design. helical grooves contained in the primary or main rotor. 

Screw compressor operation in several stages so that the efficiency of the process can be improved and the highest pressure can be produced. In some designs of screw compressors, air and oil are discharged directly into the next operational phase. 

On the other hand, the oil is removed, and the air is cooled between two successive stages in the intercooler.

The control panel

A new screw compressor has an electronic panel for control. This panel offers clear and precise graphics and is intuitive enough in their design and user-friendly. The new interface can also be easily combined with a computer, setpoints, and operating conditions of the compressor while the other configuration parameters are all clearly and specifically shown in alphanumeric and easy-to-understand "alphanumeric displays and readouts.

Versatile use 

Screw compressors offer great efficiency and therefore very suitable for a variety of processes. They are widely used in HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and are easy to install and maintain. 

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