The Commercial Roof Access Hatch

The commercial roof access hatch is deceptively simple in both name and design. This metal building accessory is designed to provide safe and simple access to the roof and its accompanying components. And, although their safety benefits are especially apparent during winter months when snow and ice increase the potential for falls, they are a handy addition year-round.

Read on to learn the ins and outs of the commercial roof access hatch, and for insight into how to select the right one to suit your structure.


The first step toward determining the right roof access hatch for your metal building is to think through why your business requires one. If your hatch is just meant to assist in the maintenance of your metal roofing, you may only require a smaller hatch. A medium-sized roof access hatch often works better for buildings where work requires the use of larger tools and the like. Depending on your needs, you can find the right commercial roof access hatch through 


While the standard options mentioned above are considered the most common, one size is not suitable for all. For this reason, commercial roof hatches are also available in special sizes. To ensure that your order is the required size, be careful to take detailed measurements of all items that need to be fitted. 


Commercial roof access hatch made of sturdy Galvalume steel 16-gauge was built to withstand harsh elements. This is waterproof welded with a silicon bronze wire that is not corrosive and is durable. Another additional touch includes a heated electrostatic powder coat that can be ordered in color to match your metal aesthetics.