Intravitreal Injections: What Are Its Advantages

Eye injuries like penetrating trauma of the eye can cause irreparable damage, and in many cases, blindness. The use of intravitreal injections to combat inflammation may be a safer alternative in the future for patients who have sustained any type of eye injury. To get more details about these injections you may check this out now.

Treatment via intravitreal injection - Medical Retina Institute of Montreal

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What are the benefits of intravitreal injections?

Intravitreal injections are a type of surgery in which a needle is inserted into the patient's eye. They come with a wide range of benefits. These include:

1. Improved Vision. Intravitreal injections may improve vision in people who have low vision or no vision at all. The injections can help restore or improve vision in cases of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusion, and other conditions.

2. Improved eye health. Intravitreal injections can help improve eye health by reducing inflammation, reducing the number of infections, and restoring vision in cases of blindness caused by diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma.

3. Reduced Risk Of Infection. Intravitreal injections can reduce the risk of infection by eliminating debris and bacteria that can lead to eye infections.

4. Reduced Risk Of Stroke. Intravitreal injections may reduce the risk of stroke by decreasing the overall burden of eye infections on the body.

The intravitreal injections help to improve vision by increasing blood flow to the affected area and preventing or reducing the number of retinal tears. Intravitreal injections are available as a single injection or in multiple sessions over time.