Cintiq – A Gift For The People Involved In Artistic Field

One such device that makes you see drawing and creativity as part of your life is the Wacom Cintiq 24HD. The interactive view with the pen enlivens us, the images we draw, and keeps us going to art school for a long time to paint.

The Wacom Cintiq 24HD is a boon for artists and designers. The Cintiq 24HD is a household name in the graphics industry, setting a new standard for anyone working in animation, game development, 3D design, industrial design and visual effects. This is for people who don't want to risk quality, ergonomics and comfort.  There are many companies and computer rentals solutions that provide this kind of device for rent. If you want to know about rent Cintiq visit

The Cintiq 24HD combines artistic design and quality engineering to produce displays that are highly demanded in the world of animation, photography and video production. This provides user convenience and improves user workflow. The most desirable feature of the Cintiq 24HD is an ergonomic feature that allows the user to lean on it while working so that professional users can work long hours without getting tired. 

The Cintiq 24HD is an uncompromising professional who creates great-coverage photos without compromising image quality. It is heavily hung on both sides and can be raised in an upright position, mounted at an angle to the drawing board or lowered from the edge of the table to the user's lap. It also has two annoying legs so the keyboard can be placed directly underneath.

It is known that designers, illustrators, animators, video editors, and other professionals crave the most modern screen experience. The Cintiq 24HD was designed to meet the creative needs of these people.