Benefits of Remote IT Services

Every business that stores data knows how much it costs to backup. Remote IT solutions is the best choice for IT managed services and data storage. Remote storage facilities offer three main benefits over traditional tape backups.


Data systems can only be as reliable as their effectiveness. It is crucial to have the data you need when you need it to capitalize on business opportunities. Companies can lose significant income, recover costs and even pay fees to federal agencies for archival information.

Remote backup services are used to automatically store data on a regular, scheduled basis. This creates comprehensive data images. The support staff is notified automatically if a failed backup session is not completed.

Cost Structures

Effective backup systems must be reliable. This can be achieved by reducing storage costs. Storage systems in-house can be costly. They require capital investment, storage space for tapes and servers, overhead for maintenance and personnel, as well as operating expenses each time an image is written to tape.

When someone is looking to use a remote desktop service, they first need to find a computer with an internet connection. A specific website will need to be accessed and the correct passcode will need to be entered. Once this passcode is accepted, access is granted and the main computer can be accessed as if you were right there in front of it.

Secure Data

In today's business environment, data security is a critical issue. Identity thieves target sensitive data and can also vandalize it. Numerous high-profile cases have highlighted the need for data security.