Tips To Eliminate Parental Alienation

How you deal with alienation depends on your child's age and whether you are still communicating with your child. If you are in a relationship with a child, there are several things you can do to prevent total isolation.You can know more about it via 

parental alienation

Following are the important things you should take care for eliminating parental alienation:

  • Never speak ill of your child's other parents.

  • Keep it as you are at all times. Don't try to "help" the other parent with persuasion (toys, trips, breaking the rules).

  • Love your child unconditionally. Always let them know that you love them and that you will always be there for them.

  • Never blame your child

  • Remind your child of the good times you spent together.

  • Always be punctual in your visits and don't waste your time together.

If your ex-spouse is protecting your child on the pretext that your child doesn't want to see you, talk to your attorney immediately so legal action can be taken. The family court does not try to interfere with a disruptive visit and will change the guardianship plan if necessary. Many aliens end up receiving controlled visits so they can't alienate the child any further. This agreement can only be made by court order, so you should seek legal advice on how to proceed.