Is Your Interior Office Signage Effective?

Okay, so maybe the question should be asked in the plural and read, "Are your interior signs working?" We ask questions in Singular for reasons intended to help you focus on what any indoor office sign you have or may need for each sign to be effective. However, there are many different indoor signs that can be designed effectively while others may take a little effort to be considered ideal for that type of sign.

There are many indoor signs used by many companies and each type of indoor sign must have very specific characteristics that can help people find what they are looking for. After all, signs show people where a room or facility is located, and some even show people where to go where they want to be. A business owner can browse various sites for office signage like and get their own customs office signage.

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Below are some of the most common types and their uses so you can better understand whether your indoor office sign is effective.

Directional Signs – As the name suggests, these signs point people in the right direction when they need to find a certain room or facility. For these signs to do this effectively, you need to make sure that they have arrows pointing people in the right direction and that the correct equipment is written in the right direction that the arrows point to. 

Directories – They are used to tell people what office and floor it is. This directory is often located in corporate lobbies and receptions, and sometimes near elevators on the floors where these rooms are located. To function effectively, these characters must contain plain text that is easy for people to read.