Is Mineral Make Up A Good Foundation To Hide Dark Stains Caused By Melasma?

One of the biggest concerns for individuals with melasma is how to hide dark or brownish stains. You will need something which covers your uneven skin tone well. The majority of people also use cosmetic or other skincare products to cover stains caused by melasma. Some products work well but before purchasing one, you should know the ingredient list of that product. If you are looking best melasma treatment, visit


Another significant concern is sun protection. If you have this situation, then you probably already know that sunlight protection ought to be one of the top priorities. Sun damage makes shadowy spots worse and causes them to fade. Any remedy usually includes very rigorous sunlight protection. However, many foundations which have sunscreen are either thin or oily.

This is one reason why vitamin makeup may be suggested for individuals with melasma or acute skin tone problems. Most vitamin mech contains zinc oxide which provides quite good UV protection. And, most mineral products are extremely nice and soft on your skin. But, the other hand could be that these goods are very sheer and do not provide enough protection to cover dark or uneven areas.

Sometimes, you may add just a little water to the nutrient product and apply it with a makeup sponge. This will make the program a bit thicker and let it provide more coverage. This will work for individuals with mild troubles. But sometimes, all you need is more coverage and a mineral foundation is simply not enough.

Through a lot of trial and error, I have found that what works best for me personally is a multi-vitamin. I really use three unique types of makeup to cover my own melasma.