KPI Dashboards Link HCM Metrics To Business Strategy Execution

From Jac at a recent column: "For years managers thought their experience was better than that of a whole lot of number crunchers. Nowadays, most managers believe that their estimations are rarely as precise as statistical analysis.

The analysis doesn't start with numbers. It begins with thinking and asking questions. It begins at the strategic level searching for the macro forces that influence how you manage talent now, and more importantly, how you'll manage it tomorrow. To know about kpi metrics you can visit

It's all about understanding and constructing the context within which you currently operate and will function for the not too distant future. It breaks the intricate topic into little sections to have a better comprehension of the idea.

Case in point, a potential customer wanted to assess the ROI of HR services within an organization. As we spoke, it was clear that the company hadn't spent much, if any, time consciously trying its services, especially at the corporate KPIs. Most say they do, but few businesses can show the right connections.

Jac strikes the solution squarely one when he discusses the trick to being strategic is to overlook your work in HR and to think you're a top executive of the business. The trick to being strategic is to understand the company's vision, mission, values, and strategies. As the top executive of the company, you need to be ready to create strategic plans in a manner that's readily translatable into action plans.

Step number two is to install HCM metrics with job metrics with Dashboards so that each worker has their private personalized KPI dashboard which connects their everyday actions to team performance and corporate goals.