Different Types Of Oil

Distillate oil will be used for various types of oil products. Distillate oil is divided into four different classes of fuels. They are based on boiling point, carbon-chain length, number of atoms, and thickness. 

Each of the oil products made from Distillate oil varies in size and boiling range, these differences being used by the chemist when refining the oil.

Distillate oil

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The less expensive fuel will be a higher class. The various classes include the following. 

  • Number one like kerosene 

  • Number two crude fuel and heating oil 

  • Number three rarely distilled fuel is used 

  • Number four mixture of distillation and residual fuel this can be diesel, distilled, or residual fuel oil


This oil is used to make lubricants such as motor oil and grease. It is a liquid. It has long-chain alkanes, and aromatics with 20–50 carbon atoms. Lube oil has a boiling range of 572–700 degrees Fahrenheit


Industrial fuel is made from heavy gas or fuel oil.  It is a liquid with a long chain (30–60 carbon atoms) of alkenes, cycloalkanes, and aromatics.


Coke, asphalt, tar, wax, and they are used to introduce materials for other oil products. This is solid. It is 70 or more carbon atoms and is a multi-compound compound with a boiling point of 1112 degrees Fahrenheit.