How does Botox Treatment Work on Jawlines?

Botox injections have long been used by physicians as well as licensed nurses as an unapproved means to reshape the jawline. Without the use of knives and general anesthesia as well as lengthy and painful recovery time, Botox can reshape the jawline with a procedure that is only a couple of minutes. Results will show within a couple of days. One can visit the link for more information regarding Botox treatment.

Botox to  Reshaping Jawline

When it comes to wrinkle reduction or jawline shaping, Botox works in many similar ways in that it introduces the main ingredient, botulinum toxin protein in the muscle being targeted. It blocks the transmissions through the nervous system to the muscle, which relaxes muscles and the skin surrounding them. This is the basis of all kinds of Botox treatments.

In the jawline reshaping process, Botox performs the same manner. In this procedure, the masseter muscle group in the jaw area is targeted with injections. When the muscles of the masseter are relaxed they will not increase in size.

Relaxation helps the muscles shrink, and the jawline gets soft and less prominent. The majority of patients require several injections to get the best results, and some maintenance treatments are sometimes required.

There is No Surgery Required

Botox can now be regarded as a feasible non-invasive alternative to surgery which involves having the jaw opened and the jawbones transformed. It is crucial to keep in mind that this procedure is only able to reshape bigger jawlines, which makes the appearance more soft and feminine. Botox can't alter the shape of the jawline to make it appear more noticeable or even completely distinct.