Get Lyme Disease Treatment

Symptoms of Lyme disease include: fever, headache, fatigue, chills, stiffness, muscle aches, joint pain, a rash called erythema migrans that occurs a week to a month after a tick bite.

This rash usually starts at the site of the tick bite. At first it was a small red dot that was getting bigger and bigger.

The center is faded and resembles a "bull's eye" or ring. Conversely, some people only have a lot of red spots. The rash often feels hot and itchy. However, some people didn't feel it.

Lyme Disease Prevention:

It is best to avoid tick bites. Clothing in the woods, long-sleeved shirts, and trousers in place of shorts are great protection. Insect repellents containing permethrin or a similar material can be used.

Follow the directions for use as repellent can also cause skin irritation. After walking outdoors, check your skin and scalp for lice and rashes.

Check your pet. Immediately remove fleas from the cloth. Also consider the landscaping and pest control in your area. Fleas can also transmit other diseases that are transmitted by ticks.

Lyme Disease Treatment: Antibiotics are offered to treat Lyme disease, the main treatment for Lyme disease.

It is effective and almost all patients recover after antibiotic treatment. However, healing can take weeks to months after antibiotic treatment is finished.