What Are Dichroic Glass Beads And Things To Consider When Buying Them


Dichroic glass was developed by NASA so that it can be used in satellite mirrors. The reason is that dichromatic glass has wonderful dichroic optical properties that result from the many fine layers of extremely thin metal oxides. These layers are so thin that when combined, they are no more than five million of an inch thick. This is a great property of dichroic glass which is why they have so many applications today.

The different metal oxides used in the production of this type of glass can range from chromium and aluminum to silver and gold. Glass obtains its unique properties when various metal oxides are vaporized on the surface of the glass inside a vacuum chamber. Then a firing process is carried out to combine the dichroic glass with another glass. Because the firing process is different, two pieces of dichroic glass cannot be the same. If you are looking for the best fused dichroic art glass, you can visit ArtGlassSupplies.com..

Dichroic glass beads are basically two color beads with multiple colors in them. If you take a look at these glass beads, you will notice two or more colors at the same time. These can be in any color range and when you flip the glass beads a little, the colors will change. These glass beads are very beautiful and very popular in jewelry making.

So if you are considering using bi-colored glass beads in your creations, there are several things you should look at. First of all, there are not many companies that produce high-quality dichroic glass beads. These glass beads have a multi-colored appearance due to the presence of a special coating on them that gives the beads the ability to bend light waves just like a prism.

The equipment needed to paint beads and produce this type of glass is very expensive which means that these glass beads are not really affordable for everyone. Therefore, before buying, look for information on manufacturers who produce these types of beads.