Know More About Various Garden Tools

Tools can be defined as devices that are used to do some mechanical or perform or facilitate any manual work. Garden tools aid in gardening. Though they overlap with the agriculture or the horticulture tools, garden tools can also be either hand tools or the power tools.

Tools help man to do any job easier and the right tools in gardening is no different. Since gardens involve a lot of hard work, basic tools are necessary for achieving that perfect garden. You can also look for the best garden supplies by visiting

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Some of the important garden tools:

Shovel: Shovels is the most important for moving the soil, making holes and pits for planting etc. Flat edge at the top of the blade ensures better surface area for gripping. They should be having a comfortable handle and a solid blade.

Trowels: Planting requires a lot of hectic work especially getting down on your knees for planting with a trowel. Steel blades have the longest durability and soft rubber handles are easier for tight gripping.

Pruners: Pruning goes on for all the year around. Good pruners will make clear cuts and not harm the plant. When buying pruners one should consider features like the gripping comfort, cutting diameter, ease of repair, non-stick blades and cost effective.

Hoes: Keeping the weeds at bay requires a lot of work and facilitating the gardener is hoes. They can also be used for moving of the soil if they are not too compact.

Garden forks: Shorter than the pitcher forks, these forks help in breaking the ground, tilling the soil and removing sod etc. There are the compost forks and the macho garden forks all as per the gardener's requirement.