How Many Types Of Hair Dryers Are Available On The Market?

As you take a stroll to the market or scour the web to find hair dryers, you will find three main types of hair dryers, which are based upon the material infused within them. You will also find hair dryers that sport different designs and features in the reviews of best hair dryer by consumer reports, so make sure you read it before planning to buy a hair dryer.

  1. Ceramic Hair Dryer – It incorporates ceramic plates, disks, and heaters, and it makes use of infrared heat to dry hair from the inside out. The heat generates with the air that comes in contact with the ceramic plates. Use this hair dryer to get beautiful and shiny hair that will also be healthy.
  2. Tourmaline Hair Dryer – This type of hair dryer is made with natural gemstones, which are finely broken and integrated into the plates. It also operates on infrared heat generated by the tourmaline that dries the hair without damaging it. As a result, your hair looks shinier and healthier.
  3. Ionic Hair Dryer – This type of hair dryer uses water droplets that are broken into smaller ones to make them easily absorbed by the hair. The large droplets on the other side are absorbed using the hot air. The reason why droplets are added is to keep the inside of the hair hydrated so that the outside of the hair remains dried. If you have frizzy hair, then you should probably go for this type of hair dryer.