Helpful Tips On Bottled Water

Many people are aware of how important it is to consume plenty of water in order to ensure health, avoid dehydration and perform well. The size, mass of your body, the climate, and the level of activity all impact how much water you need. You may navigate to buy bottled water.

Injection Molding of Bottles

These health tips have been an important aspect of the advertising campaigns that are used by bottled water companies to market their product. While the market for bottled waters is not a huge one, it's an industry of immense size. Between the years 1997-2005, the sales of bottled water nearly doubled. Every year, more than 200 billion bottles of water are purchased around the world.

It's many plastic bottles being wasted. According to the latest estimates, just a quarter of the bottles are reused. The rest end up in the garbage. This has a major environmental impact. Based on studies, if the empty bottles were placed in a row it would take them 56 miles.

It is also important to consider the carbon emissions produced during the process of production and transport of the bottles from their place of origin to their final destination. It's a shocker that the bottles need 3 times the amount of water than they do in their shipment.

Simply put bottle-water is an environmental catastrophe. It is possible that you are more worried regarding your own health and wellbeing than you are the environment's as well, which is reasonable in certain instances. The logic behind this is flawed. There isn't any evidence to back the assertion that bottled water is healthier to your overall health than regular tap water.