Host A Candle Party

When it comes to hosting an in-home party there are many direct sales companies to choose from. Why should you choose a candle party?

Candle parties are fun! There is really no pressure at these parties either. There are 2 types of parties an in-home party and a basket party. If you want to get more information regarding candle party then you can navigate to

An in-home party is where a consultant comes into your home and shows you the product. Generally the more people the merrier! Often with other companies, consultants encourage small groups so they can talk closely with each guest- this is often where the pressure comes into play. A candle presentation is anywhere from 10-15 minutes (This is the product and this is how it works) and then the real fun begins!

Your guests then start to smell the testers and laugh and talk about what memory it reminds them of- Grandmas baked apple pie, a walk along the beach or maybe even a summer while touring Europe in the U.K and Germany! The smell is the strongest sense linked to memories.

Basket parties or catalogue parties are great too! They allow you to bring testers and catalogues to places where you will see your “guests”- no consultant is here to show how the product works or the quality of a warmer and a bar that has been melted. You should be familiar with it to answer any questions people may have. People simply smell and order.