The Influence Of The Hebrew Bible On Western Culture

The Bible spread Christian culture everywhere, which is why many people from many different countries believe that it is their own belief. Today, Hebrew is more and more popular in the world, so many people want to learn this type of language as their dream.

Many people know that The Bible is a history book that records the history of the Hebrew people, but it is also a work of philosophy. Today, people are also passionate about learning Biblical history timeline chronology, to gain a deep understanding of the Bible.

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Today, Western culture plays an important role in the culture of the world, which is why the Bible has an important influence on the process of formation of traditional Western culture.

We can see in many western movies that most Westerners have to pray before eating. This kind of traditional habit reflects that they have a beautiful dream of owning a peaceful world and want to obtain the protection of god.

There are many types of European classics in the world, and most of them are very famous for their storylines and culture. Of course, there is no doubt that the Bible played an important role in these famous European and American works, because many European and American works choose writing material from some biblical stories.

Not only do Western works have many similar stories that were chosen from the Hebrew Bible, but also many Western works put some images or some spirit that are from the Bible to the characters or plots of their works.