Bring Back The Smile On Your Face With All On 4 Dental Implants!

For many years people suffering from the problem of tooth loss had the only option available for replacing the lost tooth was getting a custom denture or bridge made. 

First and foremost benefit of having all on four implants done is that it is permanent. Unlike removable dentures, it will not slip out of your mouth while eating or talking. 

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You will be saved from major embarrassment which you may get subjected to in case you have removable dentures. But this is just the beginning of the benefits. There are many more to come.

Other dental appliances such as dentures, use nearby teeth as anchors for proper fitting and stability of the new tooth. 

On the contrary, the tooth implant is done straight in the bone of the jaw and it is not demanding any kind of support from the neighboring teeth. So when you get a dental implant done there is negligible impact on the nearby teeth.

According to experts of teeth replacement, full mouth teeth implants have a longer life span as compared to dentures. Since dentures have to be removed for cleaning from time to time, there is greater friction and exposure to atmospheric impurities. 

Dental implants are fixed inside the mouth like all other natural teeth and have to be taken care of in a similar fashion to that of your natural teeth.