All About Access Control Systems In Sydney

Access control is personalized and selective prevention of entry into certain places, areas or resources. This is most commonly seen in homes on the doors and entrances of homes, where property can be protected either by tangible devices such as keys or key cards, personal identifiers such as fingerprints or optical scans.

When codes or official devices are simply left in the hands of those who need access, security systems can function to protect and maintain property security with ease, almost without supervision. You can also get more information about access control systems at

Access control can also be used to monitor entry and exit of people who have access to the objects of interest and / or the value in them.

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In a household context, access control is primarily offered in two forms: a mechanical lock, which requires a physical key to access the housing, or an electromechanical lock, which contains a magnetic reader or some other form of card reader to control the lock. 

Mechanical locks have the advantage of being cheaper than most electromechanical options, requiring less maintenance, and generally easier to use. In addition, key requirements ensure that users don't just have to remember passwords or access codes for properties.

On the other hand, most, if not all, mechanical locks cannot determine who is allowed to use the product. It is also true that keys can be stolen and duplicated, and keys can be taken from unpleasant people.