Steps to Lighten a Hot Summer Barbecue

While many of our summer activities focus on enjoying the outdoors and grilling, it's tempting to eat a few extras during our barbecue. You can eat the yummiest chicken and steak kabobs via

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While grilling is usually a healthy way of cooking, you probably won't look your best this swimsuit season if you regularly cook high-fat products during these gatherings! 

Here are ways to freshen up your grill and stay healthy this summer:

1. Swap out these high-fat meats for low-fat alternatives: – A signature grill serving burgers and hot dogs, potato salad, cole ice cream, soda and ice cream can regain nearly 2,000 calories! Adding alcohol to the equation adds another 500 calories.

While enjoying these fun occasions is a great idea, adding some healthy alternatives to your next party is important. Try substituting lean meats like buffalo or turkey breast instead of high-fat burgers. Or go vegetarian and grilled portabella mushrooms and serve with a little low-fat cheese on top of fresh wheat bread.

2. Lower fat than these high-fat countries: – Since these countries are full of fat, calories and sodium, choose the one to serve at your party and replace your menu with lots of grilled vegetables and even grilled fruit! 

3. Reduction of baking rules: – Dessert with fresh fruit and ice cream is a typical dish served at summer parties. If fresh fruit slices don't satisfy you or your guests, try lighting up some of your favorite fruit.