Physical Therapy in Treating Back Pain

The pain center uses both active and passive therapeutic techniques to provide immediate pain relief. Physiotherapy is effective in treating back pain; can prevent damage and help restore lost mobility.

Active And Passive Treatments In Physical therapy

Active treatment includes certain therapeutic exercises. They help stretch and strengthen the back muscles. The therapist shows you the right way to do these exercises and keeps track of improvement. You can also browse to Lee Miller Rehab to know more about physical therapy treatment.

Passive care is more advanced because it is research-based. Physical therapy currently includes options for pain relief such as TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and ultrasound.

The patients are treated with hot and cold therapy as well as massage and joint mobilization. Lumbar spine stabilization is a program for those who complain of low back pain.

In almost all cases, the doctor adjusts the treatment program because the individual needs of the patient vary.

Physiotherapists also advise patients on how to maintain proper posture while walking, sitting, driving a car, lifting weights, and other similar activities. They will educate patients about the importance of paying attention and precautions after treatment to avoid further back pain.

Keep A Positive Outlook

The role of physical therapy in treating back pain is important. However, it is important to maintain a positive attitude if you want to get the most out of this program.

Pain that lasts longer than a few days should be diagnosed and treated immediately, as the acute condition can become chronic and can be much more severe.