Oriental Rugs – A Beautiful Addition To Your Home

In the dining room or in your studies, in foyers or on stairs, Oriental rugs look essential wherever you set them. Geometric designs or plain designs, light colors, or light tones, enhance the beauty of your room.

Buying an oriental weavers is quite a task, especially if you are buying for the first time. There are various factors to be considered. To start with the size of the space you purchase plays an important role. For the dining place, table size should be considered, while the bedroom area in front of the bed can be considered.

The quality of the carpet depends on knots per square inch; a higher number of knots will ensure a clearer and brighter design. Quite the same way in which you assess your digital photos with dpi. Some professionals also suggest that you look out for imperfections in Oriental rugs to try its authenticity.

This may sound unusual but it is said that the weavers make deliberate mistakes on the carpet are perfect, because they believe that only the highest can make something perfect.

Oriental rugs are more strong and of machine-made carpets are mass-produced environmentally friendly, because it is made from natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or silk that serve longer and because it is handmade each strand has tied individually for greater durability and consistency.