Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Professionally Written CV

CVs written and disseminated in a professional manner is often the cornerstone of a successful job search strategy.

For this reason, doing your best with a well-crafted and professionally written cv is important as it is often the only way for potential employers to determine your qualifications and suitability for the position available.

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Unfortunately, many job seekers are big mistakes when preparing a CV. Here are things to avoid on a CV to increase your chances of being interviewed.

Captivating Overload Stories: These summaries are intended to be brief descriptions of your skills, abilities, and accomplishments, rather than giving your entire life story.

CV readers will spend 10-15 seconds determining if the candidate is a good fit for the interview, and a very detailed and awkward presentation of a CV will look great.

Professionally written CVs that include a short but compelling story that the reviewer will be interested in are likely to increase job searches and lead to interviews.

Typos and bad grammar are the kiss of death for CVs: All business documents must be free of grammar and spelling errors.

Inclusion of personal information and references: Many job seekers have the misconception that employers want to know everything about their personal information and interests and recommendations.

Maintain a one-page CV: one or two pages are usually good, as long as the document matches the material covered. CV pages are sufficient for recent graduates or people with less than 5 years of work experience.