Making a Messenger Bot System

In this video, I am going to explain how to make this happen. I am going to show you a simple system that will allow you to make any of the items you want to sell. The products can be anything you want them to be, like toys, books, sports, etc.

The nice thing about the model I am going to give you is that it gives you complete control over everything. No matter how hard or easy you are looking for. You can keep learning new things as time goes on and it will be there for you if you need it.

This is the first in a series of six Facebook Chatbot videos. I am going to show you how to build a Messenger Bot for your store and how to make it sell. The final product will look like a real live person selling your products.

I want to know your goals before I tell you what you need to have in place. I will start with the location of the store. Do you need a big building or a smaller one? What do you need space for?

Now, once you know the layout of the store you want to start thinking about the products you want to sell. There are a lot of options out there. I would suggest, if you are looking for a traditional product, that you put those on the front of the store. A service manual or a manual for an item should be on the side.

I don't want to teach you everything about a product because you may not have a certain level of experience. I want to teach you about the basics so you can build your store properly.

Once you have the basics of the store laid out, you are going to need extra items. You need a great sales person and I am going to show you how to get a sales person.

When you are getting a sales person, make sure they have some experience. You are not building a warehouse full of teenagers. You are building a store and if you have someone who has experience at a certain level, then that is great.

This is the same with a regular sales person, you want to make sure they have some experience as well. Make sure they have been working with people their entire life. The less experience they have, the more they have to work with.

They may also have some special skills that you can leverage on the store. A good example of that is having someone who knows how to do online research. We all know that research is important in order to make the product sell.

If you take into consideration everything we have talked about today, you will be able to build a very successful store, from the ground up. It will be a live, three way conversation with the customer, you, and the sales person. To make sure the customer is happy with the product and the service they receive.

When you get this right you will see the kind of results you are expecting. I hope you are willing to get your hands dirty and build your own Messenger Bot system. It is pretty cool, I can't wait to see it in action.