Get A Shining Smile With Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain or dental veneers are only laminates made from porcelain which are as thin as the contact lenses. They upgrade the shape, alignment, look & color of the teeth as they are chemically bonded to the surface of the teeth. 

Its stain resistance is far better than resin. They are much hassle free when compared to braces or crown procedures. For issues like uneven teeth, the veneer will be made to line equally with neighboring teeth. There are many dentist companies like Dr Gobran which provide best dental veneers in Worcester.

dental veneers

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If the tooth is crooked, then a thick veneer is going to be applied to coordinate with the surface.It seems exactly like natural teeth exposed to light; hence it is a great choice.

The Procedure:

It starts with a diagnosis of the issue and the sort of treatment you are likely to require. You'll be explained the whole process and the best result on your situation which you'll get after the whole procedure.

A 3D X-ray will be taken so the correct measurements of the mouth and teeth are readily available. Enamel trimming might be a necessity in your case. A molding is going to be well prepared. The porcelain veneer is then going to be stuck to your teeth to repair the problem. 

Final testing and alterations will be done on veneers to check its strength. It does not take a lot of time to heal and voila you get a beautiful smile to showcase again.