Forklift Non-Marking Tyres That Helps To Keep Your Workplaces Clean

Non-marking tires are widely used to eliminate black marks on warehouse floors. A trend toward cleaner working environments is boosting demand for certain types of tires. 

Operators of warehouses and factories do not want to see tire marks or black rubber dust left by forklifts on the ground or on their goods. That is why non-marking forklift tyres come into play.

Key advantages of non-marking tyres:

  • Reduce the marks left on floors
  • Reduce the need for labor-intensive floor cleaning
  • Perform the same as standard tires
  • Provide good traction and low rolling resistance
  • Offer the good load-carrying ability
  • Resistant to building up heat

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Non-marking forklift tyres are typically used in warehouse environments dealing with food and hygiene-specific products. They may also be used in high-end company buildings or homes or in other facilities that want to avoid any floor markings. A growing number of countries have environmental regulations to use non-marking tires.

Non-marking tyres are also beneficial for rental fleet owners who want to offer their forklifts to a broad variety of potential customers, no matter their industries.  By equipping their fleets with non-marking tires, they can fully utilize their fleets in any application. 

Therefore, there is no reason why you should not consider non-marking tires. You will love it that they offer better traction, a cleaner working environment, and better tread life.